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The life and consciousness are penetrated by time and realized in it. The consciousness sometimes falls outside the limits time and a life. What keeps it there? Only the individual person!, as the basic idea of the person, unique sense and the reason of its life.

   S.Kravchenko's performance on VI International scientifically-practical interdisciplinary symposium " Reflective processes and management " which took place in Moscow on October, 10-12th, 2007.

psychology of time (the past, present, the future, eternity
and without time

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Kravchenko, Sergey A. (28.04.1959) - a russian psychologist, forecasters, and an artist. In 1997 he graduated from the University of Moscow (the psychologist-consultant). 17 years working in the Far North educator, a psychologist, a specialist in PR, the director of psychological services. Since 1997 he has cooperated with the author maskoterapii G.M.Nazloyanom, and conducts research in the area of altered states of consciousness (ASC). In 2003 he put forward the idea of predicting the future of technology with the help of ASC. In 2005, created a method of psychotherapeutic counseling "A person" and has developed his theory of personality and time. In the period 2006-2008 worked as a senior researcher in the Science Center of Social Technologies Institute for Social Partnership ALSR, in Moscow, and wrote a thesis on the prediction. In 2007 he established a website SKravchenko.ru. In 2008, initiated the creation of Web-Center anticipating. In 2009, summarized his experience in the theory of temporal psychology and psychotherapy. In recent years, has published the following works: Self-Portrait in psychotherapy (2005), Predicting events through in ASC (2005), The Image of the President of Russia 2008 (2006), Anticipation to social management (2007), How to check theory Everett (2007), Interaction with the future and technology foresight (2008), "Predicting the future through expert systems" (2008), "Forecasting political processes on the basis of archetypal images" (2008), "Theory of time to altered states of consciousness (ASC)" (2008), "Temporal Psychology" (2009) and dr.

Courses, seminars and consultations S.A.Kravchenko


1. Portrait psihotemporalny - every portrait is one facet personality and one of its prospects, and the brink of society and the portents of the future are reflected in the faces of their leaders.

2. Photo-mask-therapy - to search for the identity of persons in masks impersonal culture and shadows bessubektnogo world.

3. Person, personality, leader - to move in the self and to overcome the crises of life, developing the virtue of personality and leadership.

4. Private collection - collect their own abilities and strength to achieve the integrity of person and live a unique life.

5. "A person" - improving and strengthening the identity of individuals, groups, business and creativity.

6. Body-art mask - psychotherapeutic art drawing of the face or body enriches the experience of other ethnic groups and times.

7. Maskoterapiya - psychotherapeutic complex technologies using G.M.Nazloyan adapted to psychological counseling.

8. Foresight - the basics of the course work of the great ancestors, and prejudge the future.

9. AT for ASC -  training seminar on the development of autogenous training (AT) for the purpose of knowledge altered states of consciousness (ASC).

10. Your future - the future of interaction determines the identity of its resistance to stress, and likely prospects.

11. Foresight and treatment - a mysterious link two unique abilities, learning one - figure out the other.

12. The future of your business in the hands of experts - training seminar on the establishment of an expert group Forecasters, which will provide you a permanent connection with the probable future.

13. Predicting the future through expert systems - a vision for the future regardless of the specific expert Forecasters.

Selected Works and monographs S. Kravchenko

1. Temporal psychology. Psychology of time (past, present, future, eternity), and untimely.

2. Portrait psihotemporalny. Psychotherapeutic technology a human face.

3. Interaction with the future and technology foresight.

News of a site

On July, 19th 2009
S.A.Kravchenko's work Ethics of the Center of an anticipation is published on a site. In it attempt to formulate main principles of activity of those who to work on sphere an anticipation of the future is made.

May 22, 2009
At the Institute of Oriental Studies PAH at a scientific seminar Charitable Fund Delfis took place on an address S.A.Kravchenko on "Foresight Future by changing states of consciousness."

On April, 28th, 2009
.   28
S.A.Kravchenko's performance in connection with A.B.Rubina's report About problems of modelling in biophysics at a seminar on in the Moscow State University. >>

On April, 21st, 2009
S.A.Kravchenko has made small performance in connection with D.K.Kleopova's report Representations about time in various spiritual traditions,

On April, 17th, 2009
S.Kravchenko has acted at a seminar in
with the small report on the intuitive nature of the information in technology of a prediction by means of

   On February, 8th, 2009
S.A.Kravchenko's work about the -art - a portrait on the person which is carried out by means of a theatrical make-up, simultaneously with psychological consultation is published

On February, 8th, 2009
The summary record about research Ability to a prediction, lead by S.A.Kravchenko in 2007 is published.

On February, 2nd, 2009
The summary of the monography of S.A.Kravchenko
psychology, or psychology of time (the past, present, the future, eternity) and , is published on a site.

Communities and forums

1. The forum " the Prediction of the future defines destiny of the company and the person in it "

2. "The purpose - to create technology of a prediction of the future by means of the changed conditions of consciousness, and I shall make it "

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